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These days, kids tend to be attracted towards games that are technology advance. Kids and parents both find them equally convenient and it is also pretty effective in helping kids start communicating at a young age. They are playable on mobile phone, tablets and laptops. The learning tool is a simple touch which makes it an easy interface to learn from. Kids of any age are sure to benefit from it. With the help of touch typing, your kid can enhance their senses as you have to type without any visual/access to the board. It teaches kids a valuable skill from an early age. To save your time, we have compiled the best typing games online for kids below;

Dance Mat Typing is everyone’s favourite. It is best for any kid who is looking to learn the skill of touch typing. It walks you through 12 stages in which there are fun characters included along with challenging obstacles. It is the best platform for playing and learning together. It is amongst the best in the market. It has a gradual start, so the kid learns well about the teaching techniques and how to have the correct positioning of fingers. The game continues to become more challenging with each progressing level. To keep the kids motivated, the game has plenty of rewards and they have a choice to get a certification at the end of the game.

Another amazing game is the Keyboard climber 2. This is amazing for kids who are aware of the alphabetical order. Moreover, it is not timed so the kids can learn at their own pace. The storyline of the game is based on cash that is hidden in a cave. The gamer has to skip rocks by hitting the correct keys depending on whichever ones appear on the gaming screen. If they hit the wrong alphabet, the entire level restarts.

Typing of the ghosts is the best among these for older kids. The game is based on typing as fast as you can to prevent the ghost at the back from touching you. If your child is a slow typist, this might be the perfect game to get him started!

Key seeker is for kids who need introductory lessons for the alphabets. So the kids mainly in question here are the kindergarten ones. It is more or less like a matching game. The letter that would need to be hit on for a score will appear in colour and the kid has to match it to win. 

If you want to reminiscence of school, remember Space, Invaders? Alpha munchies are quite similar to it. All you need to do is attack the space aliens before they get to you. The only way to win is by entering the right letter that appears on top of them as they approach you. This game is the most suitable for elementary school kids, and you can increase the level of difficulty as you progress further in the game. Happy gaming!


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