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The Amazing Dance Mat Typing Fun Games for Children

Dance Mat Typing is one of the fun ways of learning the touch typing and it is mainly suitable for the kids to learn about the process. Normally, the Dance Mat Typing has 4 different levels to play so that each of the levels is divided based on the learning process to touch typing. Each level is much efficient to learn about home row keys which are suitable for the kids to learn. Dance mat Typing is considered as the best interactive game that is mainly suitable for taking the best introduction, reviews, and tutorials about the touch type. There are many numbers of levels with different stages that are basically used for touch type in the excellent step-by-step process. Dance Mat Typing efficiently makes it easier for the kids to learn and improve the knowledge to the excellence. Many numbers of colorful cartoons are included in the game which is much more efficient to interact and communicate with the kids. With each stage of the touch typing, Dance Mat Typing would easily help to guide the kids all through the game with touch typing. 


Features Of Dance Mat Typing:

The Dance Mat Typing game teaches the kids about using letter keys, capitalize the words and basic punctuation marks. Maintaining the touch typing game is much more efficient so that it would be quite easier for getting good experience with learning new things to the maximum. Kids also need to touch the typing pad and at end of each of the level, it is easier to test the typing speed for getting the fun-filled reward. Start learning more about home row keys and each of the stage mainly builds previous lessons along with introducing the new letters based on the progress. Whether the kids have advanced or zero typing skills, you would certainly get benefit by the course to the excellence. The Dance Mat Typing is mainly divided into 3 stages and 4 levels. The game is mainly designed for building gradually and learning more things on previous levels. With completing each level, kids could test your typing speed for easily improving the knowledge to the maximum.  At the end of each level, you can test your typing speed and get a fun reward for each of the gaming. 


Learning Lessons:

Stage one involves the Dance Mat Typing beginning level so that it would start with the home row of the keyboard. While playing the game, it is also necessary to remember not to look at the hands so it is much easier to learn while typing. Home row keys are located at center on the keyboard that easily begins with the letters a, s, d, with k, l, along with the semicolon. The keys will be ordered according to the position on hands. Left-hand fingers would sit on the following letters that include f, d, s, and a while right-hand fingers will sit on the letters upon j, k, l, and;. Play the Dance Mat Typing game with comfortably sitting with straight and enjoy the game learning more about typing. 

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